Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Coming Soon : Mahusay Blogger Template

Mahusay Blogger TemplateMahusay is originally free premium Wordpress Theme create by Paddsolutions. This theme really nice, 2 column Magazine style, elegant design, slide feature, and 2 element under post. But, this theme only for Wordpress user not for Blogspot user :(. Hey man, dont be sad. I'm here to make you happy. At this time, I already converting this great theme :D.

Please be patient before, I'm still working to make the "Slideshow Post Feature" are automatic update and i need your help to check Mahusay Demo (CLICK HERE) before publishing this theme for free. Please report to me if there any bugs in this template. I hope you all have various browser because i only have 2 Browser in my PC, FF3 and IE6.

Please tell me if this theme is already converted by another people. I will stop my project. Because Mahusay is a free premium wp theme, of course Mahusay Blogger Template is free for you. No need to donate me, and please don't change/remove the credit link in the bottom of template. If you are Template Publisher, just add your link without change/remove any link.



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  2. I think your conversion looks fastastic! I'm curious about how far you got in bringing the post images directly into the JS slideshow from the RSS feed, rather than having the blog owner hard-code the image URLs into the theme. What kind of troubles did you run into?

  3. Hi,

    Can i have this template for blogspot user?


  4. I'm admitted that I'm agree with Kristina.
    This one is Fantastic, especially for the feature widget. I explored it without javascript and your script for Jason still loop the post. I do like this way.. Congrats..

  5. Hello! This is a fantastic template, which I've managed to tweak as needed, except for one thing.

    The Featured Content section doesn't seem to work in some versions of IE. In my browser (version 8) the slider works some of the time.

    In my husband's IE (version 9) it doesn't work; it appears the way other commenters described above (text appears in an opaque grey bar above the picture), plus it gives him a security warning.

    And at my college campus, when I try to open my website I get a pop-up message saying IE can't open my website at all. (I'm unsure of the version of IE that my college has.)

    Another website for the Mahusay Blogger template gives instructions for an IE update: http://www.freebloggertemplate.info/2009/07/mahusay-free-premium-blogger-template.html

    I've followed those steps, but all the problems I described above are still there.

    I'd be grateful for any help you can give. :)

    My blog is at: http://dmariecrawford.com