Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fresh Brown Featured

Featuring Blogger Template

Template Name : Fresh Brown Featured
Original Designer : Simran
Costumize by : Free Blogger Template
Download : Freshbrown

Instalations Guide : Click Here

Request by Ritesh Kawadkar to add a featuring post like Smoky in Fresh Brown Template.


  1. Hi.
    What is that "undefined" thing that appears on the beginning of each post? How i remove it or, better, how i change the "undefined" to the date and hour of the post?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. @Anonymous: thanks for your report. i forgot to change the date format in "blog post" element. just go to edit layout, page element, open edit "blog post", then change date style format(under "posted by") into text style.

  3. Right. Now, i have the day, month and year. Is it also possible to add the week day (monday, tuesday,...) and the hour (24:00) when the post was published or, at least, just the hour??

  4. The word verification on the new comments doesn't appear in this template. Even in the preview form, only appear the word, not the box to introduce it. How i can fix it?

  5. @Anonymous: I don't know, because im not the designer of this template.
    @DM: please redownload, already fixed.

  6. Hi there! If someone who really likes design tempaltes what do u think about a partnership? ;)

    Im the oposite of you, I really love photoshop and all the design stuff but Im horrible with CSS, HTML, XML,... :(

    anyway, your blog is super! congrats.

  7. @Larissa: i you really great in image designing, just send your psd file of your design to me. I Will create the template.

  8. thanks for working on my request,

    But to be honest it aint looking that cool enough better if you have made the featured widget of the size of post body, like theres in reflection template.

    though thanks a lot for working on my request. look forward from you


  9. Link Tutorialnya sama seperti template smoky kah?

  10. I can't seem to fix the undefined issue on this template.

  11. How do I get rid of the name Fresh Brown and put my own? I cant figure it out!