Monday, August 3, 2009

Tutorial : Javascript Hosting Using Fileave

Hosting is an important part when using featured template. As you know, many templates for now have a special feature that use javascript to perform it like slideshow feature or else. So, you need to use your own file hosting to make your blog always safe from crash. Now i will guiding you to create your own file hosting account in

Plan for Free account :
* 50MB Storage
* 1GB Monthly bandwidth

Main requirement for Free Account :
*You must login into fileave once a month to keep your account always active

Here all step from creating account until using your files :
1. Click "Sign Up" and answer all requirement needed. I think you will not have any problem with registration proccess.
2. Login into your account.
3. Find "Click here to view your files" link and click it.
4. Click "Upload Files" button
5. Browse your file and click "Upload" button.
6. Back to your files

For example, you are uploading the "jdgallery.js" file for Mahusay Template. You will get a direct link of this file like this.

Just copy the direct link and place it into your template with javascript html format [See step 1 of Mahusay Instructions]. just my recomendation, you can use another web file hosting like or else.


  1. I am really thankful to you. I was looking this solution from long time.


  2. can you help me? how can i convert wp to blogger templates? i'm using dreamweaver cs4. thank you so much

  3. i found another great free javascript file hosting.
    they have a nice feature to access the file for specific domains.

  4. @Mark: i didn't use any software. you must learn about css and html code to convert wp to blogger.
    @Free Ebooks: Thanks friend :)

  5. Blogger Template nice i own super blog & it's template also good i got it as free service becaz i registered Domain name in

  6. Hello.. i have problem. After upload and use this java, my slideshow just show image but a posting at bottom dont have... please help me... my website

  7. Hi I am using Photobucket, and it seems to work then stop working all the time. Do I take the pictures from Photobucket and load into fileAve ? Will that solve the problem as it seems to stop rotating all the time.? Many thanks

  8. @Nasrizal: are you sure didn't change/erase the other code?

    @Quene: you can do it if you want.

  9. best freehosting
    I like it,hi

  10. thank you very much for the template.

    when I installed the java script at google code, it doesn't work.
    then I try to host it at and the slide show works well, thanks.

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