Friday, November 20, 2009

Thing To Consider When Choosing A Free Web Hosting Provider

Are you looking for a free web hosting provider for your website that is reliable enough? A host that could at least somehow provide a service that is the same with other paid hosting. Well, there are many web hosting companies nowadays that offer their service for free, but unfortunately, only a few I could say is reliable and good enough.

Finding the right free web hosting for your website is really not easy. Even if it’s just for free, you still have to choose if you take great value for your site since choosing the wrong one might cause you a lot of mess. You have to know the few basic things to consider when choosing the right host for your website. Since learning the right things to look at would somehow save you on putting your site in a wobbly position.

A few things to consider:

- Established Host. Avoid free hosting companies that are just new. Though I’m not saying that all new hosting companies aren’t reliable, all I’m just saying is that it’s too risky. Its best that you find a host that by some means have established their name as a good host already.

- Technical Support. Make sure that they also offer a technical support for your free web hosting account. The availability of support in a web hosting provider is very important especially when you suddenly encounter some issues regarding your account or your website hosted with them.

- Reliability. You should also try to find out if the host you are interested with has a good and stable server. Usually, good hosts offer 99.9% uptime. Although not all free web hosts could afford to offer this kind of guarantee.

There are still many things to consider on choosing a good free web hosting provider to find the right one for your website. But there’s a free web host I could recommend. Doteasy is one of the best free web hosting around. They have established a good name in the free web hosting industry and continue to keep making their service even better.

With their free web hosting plan, they offer great features and web tools that not all free web hosts could. They also guarantee 99.9% uptime and no banner ads for all their free web hosting customers. Aside from that they also include a cPanel control panel for you to use in your free web hosting account. They have a great support, and also take great value to all of their customers, whether free or paid ones. And you get all of these for free.

When you suddenly feel the need of more hosting resources, they also have a plan ready for you and you could easily just make an upgrade for affordable prices.

It’s really hard to find a good free web host, that’s why I consider Doteasy on top of the list. They offer great features, great support and reliability all for free. What more could you ask for in a free web host like that?

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