Thursday, January 21, 2010

Canadian Web Hosting

Canadian Web Hosting is one of the best web hosting provider if looking at which one looks the best overall & has the easiest site builder. Canadian Web Hosting might be an interesting hosting solution for anyone who wants to host your site in a Canadian datacenter. is 100% Canadian Owned and Operated. Since 1998, this site almost 12 years give the best perform to host website for companies of all sizes. Canadian Web Hosting Company's servers are located at Harbour center in the downtown Vancouver. Another best is this site give you 24 hours technical support via email or phone.

Canadian Web Hosting offers two different types of VPS hosting, Linux and Windows running under Citrix Xenserver.

VPS hosting for Linux operating system has several attractive options and fits perfectly into your budget. You can get the standard package that starts off at $35.95 per month for a twenty four month package. The pro package starts at $45.95, the VPS 2000 package starts at $73.95 per month, and the best of them all the VPS 3000 can be yours for $113.95 per month.

for Windows operating system have three separate packages to choose. The VPS Win-1000 starts off at just $85.40 per month, the VPS Win-2000 starts at just $109.95 per month, and the best of them all the VPS Win-3000 will only cost you $149.95 per month. Each of these prices matches the increase in features that you get such as increased storage, bandwidth, and IP addresses. You will also have the option to add on additional features as you need them.

Choosing the right web hosting and domain hosting provider will make your site have the best perform.


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