Friday, May 7, 2010

Delighted Black Blogger Template

Delighted Black Blogger Template

Template Name : Delighted Black
Original Designer : Zenverse
Bloggerize by : Free Blogger Template
Download : Delighted

Please be patient for Download Link and Instalations guide.

Hi all, Someone trying to claim first that "Delighted Black blogger template" are converted by him. He do it a few minute after I pre-launch this template.

After seeing the CSS of his template's demo, I know it just a copycat of mine. How do I know? because I'm doing some trick of CSS and HTML code to make this template perfect, it's not easy to be imitated without seeing the real xml code. You can compare the demo's and the CSS code using "view source" browser feature. You will see what the different, especially the comments style.

It's ok. I will not publishing this blogger template. You can download his version. I'm sorry to Problogbooster because your request are canceled. I do not want will happen miss understanding again like between me and Falconhive that happened before.

Well, after all "Delighted Black" Themes is a nice blog design. I really like it. Maybe I lost my name in the credit footer, but I'm happy can converting this wordpress them perfectly :).


  1. Nice website. what a change for the better. Keep up the great work. I check it regularly and I really like your new format. And shearing for new template for blogger. Thanks.

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  3. i really liked this template. When are you providing links to download ?

  4. i kinda fall in love at the first site with this template :) i think it just awesome.. luv it!!

    But... i downloaded this template about 2 days ago,,but not from this site maybe from the one you were talking about... and i ask him 'what if i want to change the content of the gallery/slideshow into my own post ( say my recent posts ) would it be possible??
    but i didn't get any answer...
    so.. i just thought maybe you can help me through? is it possible to change it? if it is,, can you please tell/show me how??
    i really like this template and i really want it for my blog..
    Thank you..

  5. @Geetesh Jain : I not providing link download.
    @D-oNe : Sorry, I refuse to do it. I only give a free support only for user of my templates.

  6. here is the download link..

  7. U are good blogger designer template.
    I use ur WPBoxedTech Theme.

  8. Good Job, good template...
    I trust you...and I know you...
    Very good template and good quality..

  9. Man, can you please email the download link?
    I really need this one, this one is better.
    Can you please email me at
    ruslana [at]


  10. bro pls release this theme sooon waiting for it

  11. the first time i saw this template, i fell inlove right away.... i was surprised that it is no longer available for download...

    do you have any template in mind, not exactly like this but as possible as this template? please.... thanks

  12. Очень хороший блог!

  13. Saludos amigo, quiere decir esto que no puedo obtener esta plantilla? Como hago para poder usarla amigo? Gracias por tu respuesta!!!

  14. # 6

    i got it but where are instructions to set it up?

  15. Hello,

    I downloaded this template and I liked it a lot but my question is the following:

    Why it doesn't display the labels and comments counter on every post? Please help to figure it out and I will be very grateful.

    See you,

  16. em still waiting for u to put download link please don't test our patience

  17. i'm unable to add bookmarking and sharing buttons below every post/

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