Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Website Monitoring

Website Monitoring is a real-time monitoring reports and diagnostic tools help you minimize website downtime. Seen like web performance and website availability as often as every minute simultaneously from a global monitoring network. Monitoring allow businesses to simulate the actions of thousands of visitors to a website and observe how it responds. They also simulate visitors across multiple geographies and servers Internet connections.

Web applications are an integral component of any and every website, especially for a business website. With website monitoring, you can improve web application performance by balancing the Load. If you find that your web server is unable to handle the requests that are pouring in and can be redirected to other servers, which will finally serve back to the user.

Website monitoring is often used by businesses to ensure that their sites are live and responding. Its is always necessary to take a look after your website and see that it never have any downtime because of that there is a great loss in the visitors counts and in Search engine. This is very useful for all kind of websites particularly the business oriented websites are not respond for few hours may affect couple of thousand dollars of business.


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